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Zazzle enables people to be creative in their own way, helping them craft memories by making personalized products. I helped to define Zazzle's online content strategy and redesigned their website, mobile site and apps to help customers to use the platforms' full design potential.

My role:

User Research, Information Architecture, Prototyping, UI Design, User Testing,

A/B Testing, Production


20% increase in sales, 2x increase in user retention, 60% increase in mobile interaction,

simplified design tool

Zazzle Desktop - Product Space


Zazzle Desktop - Product Space After.png


Bigger images and more more space a user emerges right away into the customization process to make designing fun and engaging. 

Separating product changes from designing allows the user to focus on one task at the time. Even though a product does not 

phyisically exist until it's ordered, any changes made are visible in real-time to show what they product will look like once it's produced.

Zazzle Desktop - Product Space Level 2.p

Many products have more than 10 attributes that can be changed, to not clutter the space and overwhelm with too many options the user can explore "Level 2". With bigger images and price information the user can focus on just changing the product and getting familiar with all available options with the design tools only one click away.


After launching into the design space the user can completely dive in to the design task with unnecessary information stripped away for no distraction. Contextual tools will become visible depending if text or image is used to not overwhelm with too many options. ​


This product page touches many departments and different features. Bringing every department on the same page and agreeing on prioritization to meet business requirements and achieve the best possible user experience was one of biggest challenges.

UX Goals

Helping users capturing their memories on products in an easy way.

Preview Magic

Zazzle's magic is in real-time preview of a product that does not exist yet. Allowing the user to emerge fully into design without getting distracted by secondary information.

Always keeping the user in mind on desktop and mobile.

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