Search Website, Mobile and apps

Zazzle enables people to be creative in their own way, helping them craft memories by making personalized products. 

I helped to define Zazzle's online content strategy and information architecture to discover new designs, products and designers of  their website, mobile site and apps.

My role:

User Research, Information Architecture, Prototyping, UI Design, User Testing,

A/B Testing, Production


2x engagement with search, Increased discoverability of designs





Narrowing search results down with suggested tags. Tags can be added or delete, depending on the users selection tags will reorder themselves and fill up with new related tag until no suggestions are available anymore. With each click on a tag search will refresh and display new designs.

Zazzle fliter.png

Going deeper in search with filter thumbnails. These product previews allow a user to filter by attributes without having to type them in.


Filter exploration to test styles, illustration vs image, size, list and selections.


Finding a way to bring value to the tag behavoir for users to understand.

E.g. meaning of the color, interaction, how do the tags move

UX Goals

Visualizing search for more engagement and better discovery of new designs.

Bigger, better visualization

Users are more engaged with search when they have an idea what they get themselves into. Creating big filter thumbnails for product related attributes increased searching and helps users to find products and designs faster.