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Social Media Campaign


Hoëcker discovers New Zealand was a german user driven social media campaign, showing the beautiful nature and activities New Zealand has to offer to encourage people to discover this beautiful country and help with the tourism. Bernhard Hoëcker, a german comedian,  interacted live with users through Facebook, Twitter and a website. We created a trip based on user suggestions which they could vote on and decide where and what Hoëcker had to do in New Zealand. Once Hoëcker started his journey user were able to follow along. 

Winner of the contest would win their own trip to New Zealand.

My role:

UI Design, Prototyping


100k daily visitors, 35k travel suggestions, 

50% increase in social media engagement,

200 bookings to New Zealand


This campaign took over the Tourism New Zealand website for the duration of it. Hoëcker was seen walking through the site and talking to the users. If a user became inactive for a while Hoëcker got slightly bored and waited for the user to come back.

Reading first suggestions


Even though Hoëcker already started to plan his trip, it wasn't too late to submit suggestions but the clock was ticking. A countdown on Website and Facebook showcased the urgency of the contest if a user still wanted to win a vacation. Daily updates where posted on all platforms for users to follow Hoëckers adventure through New Zealand. Even though New Zealand has a 12-hour time difference to Germany, users were still able to interact with Hoëcker, ask him how he what he liked the most, what was scary, what was unexpected and of course vote on how he did to have a final chance to win a dream vacation.

After popular vote, Hoëcker does what the users have decide every day. first suggestions

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