Brand building, Website, Mobile/App Design

ToGather is a sub-brand built for QVC's community. A user can discover new products, interact with other customers, ask for advice, buy products without calling in and tell their product story.

My role:

User Research, Information Architecture, Prototyping, UI Design, User Testing,

A/B Testing, Production, QA


50k daily unique visits, 70% user return rate, increased sales by 15%, 80% increase in post engagement

Home page


User Profile Page


A single click will pop up a preview of a product or a story which allows users to either focus on collecting items or simply engage with other community members.


Building a new brand from scratch and setting up new design standards and systems but being still close to the mother brand.

UX Goals

Creating a community for QVC fans to interact with each other and hosts. 

Fun and engaging

Keeping the site clean with bright colors, easy to navigate helped building a strong community. Members were eager to help each other, give advice and became friends.