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Concept Design

Helping an upcoming mobile gaming analytics startup to create a player insights dashboard. Monument Valley allows gaming companies to consolidate data from their players performance into a centralized location. This allows data scientist, ceo's, game designers and product managers to efficiently track, compare, interact, and view a players’ activities.

My role:

User Research, User Story, Information Architecture, Prototyping, UI Design



Figuring out which person needs which metrics to be displayed in the default dashboard first, since very discipline

has  different needs when it comes to user information.

UX Goals

Create a dashboard to let game companies know the real-time status of their game. Drill down into each player segment but make it flexible enough to personalize the dashboard to the company needs.

User First

By creating default dashboards no user has to start building their information structure from scratch. Since each discipline has it's own needs when it comes to metics the dashboard is very modular and can get customized by adding and/or deleting widgets.


Advanced Data Visualization

Spreadsheets and numbers can be scary. Momentum Valley helps companies understand what the numbers mean and what sections require improvement through player insights.

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